ATLIS specialise in treating commercial properties for such common varieties of pests as:

Whichever type of business you run—from a retail outlet to a factory or warehouse—you can trust ATLIS to design a pest control program that will suit your company’s specific needs. Using advanced technologies, our highly skilled team will treat pest infestations of any size with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your daily business routine.


At ATLIS, we employ a program known as PestPlus that is designed to manage our pest control strategies specifically for the food industry, in strict compliance with HACCP standards. PestPlus inserts electronic barcodes onto every one of our pest monitoring devices, allowing for a paperless, eco-friendly method of tracking our pest control strategy at your place of business.

PestPlus Login

Clients who want to see reports and pest control information about their business for themselves can visit the APM PestPlus website, where they can login with the username and password that we provide them.

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All of our commercial and industrial clients have free re-call based on their individual service agreements.Give ATLIS a call today for all your commercial pest control questions and concerns, or request a quote via our online form. No matter what type of pests you’re dealing with, we have the tools and tips to clear out the infestation and get you back to business as usual.