Bees & Wasps


They can bee a buzzing nuisance!

European Wasps

First arriving in Australia in the 1950’s, the European wasp is an aggressive wasp that causes many problems. With yellow and black stripes on its body, the European wasps defend their nest fiercely in summer. They are often found near rubbish bins or inside cans of drink as they prefer sweet foods, ripe fruit and soft drinks.

The Honey Bee

The Apis Mellifera, commonly known as the Honey Bee, is the best known Bee in Australia and is yellow-brown in appearance. Despite the fact that this bee sometimes nests in our bushland, it is not a native bee.


As their sting still remains intact after they are deceased, Bees and Wasps can be dangerous whether they are dead or alive. Bees are well known for their buzzing or humming swarming noises. Their nesting occurs in places such as under the eaves, in lofts, trees or bushes, cracks, crevices, holes in brickwork or in and around buildings and homes.

Infestations, if untreated, can have dire consequences not only for foodstuff but for humans and pets whom are particularly susceptible to adverse reactions to their stings. In fact, bites to young children and infants can be fatal. Due to this concern, infestations should be dealt with immediately. This can be done by proofing your premises with insect screens and doors, or through having a professional (like those at APM) treat the nest with correct personal protective clothing and approved preparations.

Angry wasps and bee’s swarming around the home or workplace can be dangerous. APM’s highly skilled technicians are trained to control these types of situations making it a safer environment for you, your colleagues or your family.

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