Spiders have two body segments, legs, no wings and no chewing mouth parts. They are predatory invertebrate animals that create webs – silk, strong protein strands that come from spinnerets most commonly found on the end of the abdomen – to trap insects to eat. Having said this, many spiders hunt freely also.

Black House Spider

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A common species of Australian Spider is the black house spider. Found in most areas of Australia, it prefers an urban habitat and has a messy-looking web of triangular sail-like shapes that can usually be found in cornices of walls and windows. Although it is not considered dangerous to humans, the black house spider is venomous and can cause infection through their bites.

Redback Spider

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Native to Australia, the Redback spider is the most potentially dangerous spider in the country. Due to its black body and prominent abdominal red stripe, it is easily recognisable. With a neurotoxic venom, a bite can cause severe pain.

White-Tailed Spider


From southern and eastern Australia, the white-tailed spiders are medium-sized with whitish tips at the end of their abdomen. Living in gardens, houses and beneath bark and rocks, they are most active at night and are able to walk on glass due to the special hairs on the ends of their legs. If bitten by a white-tailed spider, local pain and blistering can occur.

Garden Wolf Spider

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Due to their method of running down their prey when hunting, these spiders earned the name ‘Garden Wolf’. Relying on good eyesight to hunt typically at night, Garden Wolf Spiders are agile and robust.

Garden Spiders have a uniqueness that allows them to carry their eggs in a round, silken globe which attach onto the end of the abdomen on the spinnerets. If provoked, they are known to inject venom though they are not aggressive. This can be painful although harmless to humans.

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