The Great Aussie Salute (Musca domestica)

Fly Control

In approximately 5-8mm in length, the adult fly is grey in colour with four stripes on the thorax (middle section) of its body. With large eyes and soft bodies, flies begin as maggots that, leave their food source in order to form a dark brown cocoon and thus begin their pupal stage of life. When emerging from their cocoon, they become adult house flies.

Flies lay as many as 120-150 eggs at a time which can hatch in only 8hours-3days. It is in organic material that their larvae (maggots) are developed. Between 3-28days, is their pupae stage, with larvae taking 3-60days to mature. Although they have been known to live longer in cooler climates, Adult House Flies usually live only 15-25days.

The House Fly can be found anywhere in the world where there are human populations. They can carry diseases that are usually picked up from garbage and sewage, and are thus considered a nuisance. In order to search for suitable egg-laying sites, the common house fly can travel up to 2km.

Vinegar fly (Drosophila sp)

Fruit Fly Control

At 3-4mm in length, the Vinegar fly is yellow and brown or mottles in colour with bright red eyes. As their body droops when flying, they often hover as this tends to slow them down. Once the eggs (which are laid in groups of up to 500 at a time), develop into adults in 7 days, the adult vinegar fly usually only lives for about two weeks.

As the Vinegar fly does not feed on fruit directly, it is not actually a fruit fly. Rather, they feed on the yeasts of rotting fruit before breeding in the fermenting residues. This is also true of the larvae. Additionally, they are known to breed in unclean cleaning utensils and drains

At APM we understand how annoying flies can be, not to mention the disease they can spread. We have numerous methods to control your fly problems including fixed units. Talk to our friendly staff about the best fly control solution to suit your needs.

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