Advanced Pest Management has “advanced” to Barcode technology. APM. PestPlus service has…

  • Tracking: rodent and insect activity, missed monitoring devices, pesticide usage.
  • Reporting: Activity trends, electronic reports tailor made to your needs.
  • Record Keeping: No more paperwork or filing problems.

Nothing can be over looked

APM PestPlus is our new pest reporting service. PestPlus enables our operators to electronically tag all Pest Control assets with a Bar Code. We can also highlight problems in areas or “hotspots” to ensure our service to be the best.

As our technicians inspect pest control assets, areas or points previously deemed critical, a scan is taken of the barcode attached to each item or area. The APM technician then records on a hand held unit the levels of activity found at each item.

The hand-held unit provides the technician the ability to capture the following features: -

Past history of services and findings for the technicians.
Date /Time stamp of each service.
Track any monitoring device, i.e.- rodent bait stations, flying insect control units.

At the completion of each service the technician can generate a list of all item’s that haven’t been scanned - he may have simply missed a station or maybe stock was preventing access.

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